Exhilarating and exciting holiday gift must haves at Gimmerton

These Last-Minute Gift Ideas Will Blow Your Mind (In a Good Way)

The holidays are in full swing and that means last-minute shopping. If you’re like us, you love to shop, and you want to find the best deals for the highest-quality goods available. We at Gimmerton pride ourselves on offering just that.

We also believe that you deserve to love your shopping experience. For fun, let’s paint a standard picture of what we playfully call “The Last-Minute Holiday Gift Hunt.”


Malls overrun with frantic citizens desperately jockeying for parking spots from morning till night.

Stressed-out parents, friends and in-laws search stores high and low for the perfect gifts for their loved ones and then wait in seemingly endless lines to make their purchase.

Christmas music loses its festive flair as the same twelve songs play on repeat in every store, mall promenade and restaurant.

You are one of these frazzled mall shoppers. Having been thrust into the holiday shopping fray out of necessity, you are tired, hungry and any fun you may have had shopping has been sucked out by the noise, crowds and similarly stressed store employees.

You’re fed up. You start to sympathize with the Grinch’s desire for Christmas to just go away forever and you start maniacally plotting to steal every piece of holiday cheer from every household on your street. You even make a costume for your dog to wear that matches the one in the movie and you don’t even have a dog.

Crazy story, right? Unfortunately, it’s all too common, but it does not have to be your story. Not this year.

If you need to find those last few outstanding gifts but you don’t want to turn into a Grinch in the process, then you’ve come to the right place. With Gimmerton’s focus clothing and goods made from quality materials, you can purchase your presents with ease and confidence.

You can find items for up to 15% off throughout our store, and we also offer free shipping on orders over $100. Most importantly, you can browse our exceptional collections from the comfort of your home – no stress needed.

We’ve put together this holiday shopping guide for you to help ease the process even more. No matter if you’re shopping for your mother, your partner, your sister or your best friend, we’ve got you covered.

For Her:

  1. This Crystal Drop White Gold Plated Necklace

Simple, clean and elegant, this necklace goes with everything and looks great on everyone. Tarnish resistant, nickel-free and with the option to be worn at 16” or 18” you can rest assured that this piece will be a winner for any of the lovely ladies on your list.

  1. This Lady Jonas Vegan Leather Tote Handbag

This structured, sophisticated tote from Mechaly is vegan and cruelty-free. It is made to last a lifetime and goes with practically anything. You can’t go wrong with this piece.

  1. These Moonlight Dance Vegan Leather Ballerina Flats

Another vegan item, these ballerina flats are made to roll up and fit inside even the smallest of bags. Fitted with a skid-resistant rubber sole, these vegan leather flats are great for the woman who wants the option of giving her feet a rest after a long day in heels.

  1. These Video Vixen Sexy Compression Leggings

This pair of leggings is the ultimate blend of attractiveness and functionality. Eco-conscious and breathable, these leggings can be dressed up for a night out just as easily as they can be worn to a yoga class. Snag a pair of these for the fitness fashionista on your list.

For Him:

  1. This Her Favorite Explorer Black Men’s Jacket

Made by Sparco, this men’s zip-up jacket is called “Her Favorite” for a reason. As sexy as it is practical, this piece dresses up the basic jeans and t-shirt look.

  1. This Duke of Edinburgh Long Sleeve Crew Neck

100% cotton and 100% stylish, this simple sweater from PX has a clean, sleek vibe. Riding that line between dressy and casual, it can be paired with denim or trousers with equal ease.

  1. This My Theory Men’s Casual Plaid Necktie

This is one tie the man in your life will love to receive. Handmade and durable, this snazzy necktie can be paired with a variety of colors and fabrics. A level above the standard solid-colored tie, this piece by QP adds style and class to his business wardrobe.

  1. This Minimalist Vegan Cork Wallet

Have a vegan in your life? Make him happy with this this slim cork wallet. It holds up to 11 cards as well as cash. It is resistant to fire and water and is antimicrobial and antistatic. It even floats! Vegan or not, this eco-friendly wallet is a winner.

These and other beautiful pieces in our store will bring joy and holiday cheer to anyone on your list. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 1-800-313-8053. We are happy to work with you to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Happy holidays and happy shopping from all of us at Gimmerton.