What is your floral passion?

Floral trends are growing again

It may be winter still, but some things are growing faster than ever. If you’ve been keeping your eyes out for the latest fashion, you’ve probably noticed that floral prints and patterns are spreading like wildfire this winter.

After all, there’s no better way to warm up the winter months than adding a touch of spring to your wardrobe. The contrast of colors and seasons will draw eyes and lighten everyone’s day.

There are a number of ways to nurture your spring-side through the cold months of winter. Whether you choose to fit floral into your accessories, love twirling a floral dress, or like to hide your floral side, there are ways for everyone to nurture their own, inner flower power.

Floral dresses

A floral dress is the real deal. If you’re the type to tango with floral dresses all winter, you’re a powerful soul and are sure to spread happiness amongst those close to you. You have a smile that comes from a deep powerful place and you’re right to choose a dress to match.

Long or short, simple or intricate, that’s up to you. Do you live in a colder climate? Think of matching your floral dress to your favorite set of leggings. That way not even cold nights on the town can chill your style.

Floral undergarments

If you’re floral side is more of a personal affair, then you have to check out floral patterned panties, bras, nightgowns, and robes. Choose smooth and comfortable materials and you’ll take a touch of spring with you everywhere you go.

Or if you like to tease the cold winter with a little spring, check out floral lace tops. Layers and lace are a great way to keep the winter warm.

Floral lined jackets, hoods, and hems

Even if you live in where the snow is already falling, floral is for you. In fact, it’s all the more important that you remind the world that spring is coming. A floral fashion statement can really brighten someone’s day when the snow starts to fall.

And there’s nothing that catches more eyes than a dash of contrast. That could be the contrast of your bright floral colors with the white, snowy season, or the conceptual contrast of flaunting flowers in the face of winter.

Floral footwear

There’s nothing cuter than a tasteful pair of floral boots, sandals, or something in between. Some would argue that floral footwear can go too far. But really, fashion is about how what you wear makes you feel. And nothing feels better than walking in flowers everywhere you go.

If floral sandals aren’t enough for you, then pick up a set of floral socks, the higher the better, and really go for it. But be warned, this style isn’t for the faint of heart.

Floral scarfs

Last, but not least, scarves are one of the best and most classical ways to incorporate cool patterns, prints, and colors into your wardrobe. Whether you prefer more subtle, faded floral patterns, or bright and bold colorful displays, there are floral scarves to match your taste.

Floral leggings

We would be amiss not to mention leggings. After all, they’re among the more contentious and pervasive trends of recent years. A pair of high quality leggings with a good look is a great blend of practical and comfortable, simple and sexy, stylish and natural. And there’s no better time to sport spring flowers on your leggings than now.

Go for bold, bright colors. Make a statement. Don’t worry about the naysayers. Just be sure that your leggings are made from the best fabrics and fit perfectly. That way they’ll be comfortable and warm like a spring morning.

Floral for your family

Heck, all this talk of flowers makes me think of the long winter months to come. And don’t get me wrong, I love the quiet feeling of snow falling in the woods. I’ll be making snowmen in my front yard this year. But every life needs a little balance.

No better way to balance out cold, snowy days than by buying a bouquet of flowers for your kitchen counter each week. Or set them on the sill above your sink or by your desk. Don’t stop with floral clothing. Treat yourself and your family to a real floral display from time to time and it will help remind everyone that spring will come. The cold won’t last forever and you’ll be back out in the sun in no time.

For now, stay warm, and keep spring alive. It’ll be here before you know it.