No two mind sets are alike; no two looks are the same

Life is frenetic, emotion-ridden, scary, enticing, perplexing, downright fascinating with an edginess that keeps us hungry for more. We clothe ourselves in a mood and a set of strategies to go out there and grab life by the shoulders and say “Hi; you and I are going to get on just fine.” Of course, we lay down our ground rules, then we each embark on our own unique adventure.

No two mind sets are alike; no two looks are the same. Every moment of every day presents the voyager-through-life with opportunities – challenges small and large to get the pulse racing – and also with oases of tranquillity, reflective me-moments. If there is one single thing that takes each of these moments and squeezes a little more from them it’s our choice of garb.  


Banish the humdrum and shrug on a look that is as unpretentious as you are. It says: I am a vibrant, fun-affirming, passionate individual. I know when to observe and when to speak up. I will keep you all intrigued; my essence will linger, even after the transient moment is over.

The radiant you sometimes requires color; other times, going muted in your apparel is the way to be the main event. A gorgeous skirt that says feminine; that hints at the ‘40s, and that you are destined to develop a crush on is Flatter Me from the Gimmerton collection. Sheer mesh over a lining but with pleats; this makes it a playful take on something more straight-laced. Dove grey gives you so many options when it comes to teaming a skirt like this.  Take it to work or out to play; laugh or be serious; give it a whirl and maybe you will discover a more frivolous you.  A frost-hard morning when smoky distances take on a dream-like quality is a fitting moment to debut  crew neck cotton sweater, I Like Me Better. What is not to adore about its bands of stone grey which gradate downwards from the shoulder-enhancing darker shade to a light tone, suggesting Ireland’s rock-spattered coastline or the glint of a seagull’s soaring wing? Wear it and bring out the boy in the man.


Leave the color to the lesser details and pull on a pair of Connors socks.

When a girl goes walking, whether down one of the fashionable streets of town, across the bridge to the eatery du jour, or just through the office corridors, and she wants to stake her claim on the moment, Rule the World is the dress that will do that in spades. The black and white grids that give this little number its “have at you” chutzpah hark back to Mondrian and forward to a future starring you.

Bring on the reds, I hear you say. We know that red is this winter’s hot secret, and even if it was never quite your color, have a daring go at reviewing your options. You might get the green light on that red splash in the knock’ ‘em dead Lady in Red that is so above and beyond vampish.

Grecian in its simplicity, the stuff of scarlet-nailed envy, Lady in Red at the same time lets your innocent bud bloom!

But, okay, perhaps you are more of a  starlet-of-yesteryear fan, hooked irrevocably on the romantic and smouldering vibe of Jean Harlow or Jane Russell. You long for the bare shouldered and bust-enhancing models that give the term dressing-up its allure.

Bring on the red carpet! Do it by wearing Bellefire, if you dare, a gown that encapsulates all that its name suggests. With its dramatic split-leg front divide in a mink hue with striking black lining, this mink-colored super-smooth dress has a contemporary twist: the fabric. Fashioned from amazingly form-hugging Scuba fabric, its boned styling is the perfect way to be out for an evening while fully held and sculpted. From every angle, this gown is a full-blown winner.

Team it with the Hepburn, a clutch that is every inch the cool-as-ice movie legend from whom this indispensable evening accessory takes its name. With its art-deco mirror-effect geometric trim, the Hepburn clutch bag creates the full nostalgia effect.

And with feet sheathed in to-die-for Oxfords in the most gleaming of true blacks, in the shape of Gimmerton’s The Impalers, by Paul Parkman.